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Beyond the Dinner Party: Major Event Planning

Sep 24, 2011 @ 12:00 am by admin

The most successful parties are the ones that make the guests feel at ease and comfortable from the moment they enter the door until the last one leaves, happy. With our guides to help you through the process, your successful planning is guaranteed to create the most memorable of those celebrations while releiving you of much of the stress and therefore enable you to enjoy the party with your guests.
Whether gala or tailgate, 200 or 20, we will help steer you from the inception of an idea through all the planning stages needed, from finding a suitable location and set-up, to break down and clean up, we now may offer you the means to steer you through the process to a successful end.

Occasion, occasion, occasion, Event theme, seasonal, weather hot or cold?

Location, location, location, suitable for event, and number of guests ecpected, many or few. Will guests be wearing heels or boots and how about parking space?

Contacting service industries such as printers of invitations or banners, to caterers and wait staff including questions of licensing for your event due to local laws governing congregating to liquor regulations.

Which parties do you remember most, good or bad?

Our event planning software can help make yours one of the good ones.

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